IBM AI X-Prize

Creating A New AI X-Prize Team Competition Entrant For The Make AI Happen Social Network

I want to develop AI that understands and explains, so does the USA with their DARPA program (A military research body creating research that might also have non-military applications).  I am interested in modelling computerised true conceptual understanding, universal language understanding, cause and effect understanding, future simulation and prediction.

The Competition Application Requires A Joining Fee Of $5000 By December 2018

I currently have no finance to do this.

We Would Also Need a Plan To Create a Planned and Financed AI Research Company

To Do.  I want to run my own AI research company (or at the very least work in AI research). I have a great deal of relevant experience click this link for more details.

There are three questions and an about section  to answer to apply for the competition:
(Can you help better sell and explain these ideas?)


I have also created a shortened project “Phase 1” presentation that is also in draft  and can be read at:

HEMSEYE Project Phase 1 Shorter Presentation

Finance Budget & Fundraising
To Do

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