Explainable AI DARPA vs HEMSEYE etc

DARPA / The USA Military AI research arm are planning to spend billions on explainable AI:


However what DARPA has published currently appears less ambition and less well worked out than our HEMSEYE project plans. I have only skip read their proposal so far. It should, however, be remembered that it might also be the case that what DARPA has released is currently more of a PR exercise rather than a detailed explanation of their real plans.

Presentation and discussion will be live on youtube on Wednesday 11th September at 6pm BST (GMT+1) See
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXmPuBcO1WA and set a reminder.

For more explanation see:


For a HEMSEYE project overview see:

For lots more details see the blog https://hemseye.org/wp/blogs/


If DARPA were to open explainable AI as an open competition if they offered funding to HEMSEYE could we take the money bearing in mind the ethical ambitions I have suggested:

AI Ethics, Safety & Governance


I do not want the project to be anti-commercial in any way, but I do want it to be pacifist and not evil.