Make AI Happen Brighton – Live Webcast Planned on Youtube. Wednesday, September 12, 2018 (UK time BST – GMT+1) 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Live Youtube Broadcast & Discussion
+ Post Meeting Youtube Channel
Watch Again Arrangements:

The second kickoff meeting of Make AI Happen Brighton meetup group this will hopefully be live on youtube from my laptop webcam as I present to my AI interest group. Click here for youtube link and to set a reminder.

This signup for people who will physically attend is here

  1. We will be talking about trying to make AI happen.
  2. Could we bring Brighton ourselves and the world some benefit from this new technology?
  3. Who Are You and Why Are You Here?
  4. What Else Do You Want To Talk About?
    Check out the headings I have listed below.
    Do we want to add delete or change this agenda?
    We could try to emulate the management of the Homebrew Computer Club
    – Which brought the world the Apple One and Silicon Valley.
  5. Can we do a show and tell of stuff ? We could all contribute on our own interests or share our own AI design experiences and problems?
  6. What about some fun stuff?
  7. Oh and there is free drink (and beer)
    – thanks Barclays.
    We do have to order our own food.

Let us talk for five minutes or less on each of the following topics…
Also anyone could ask for five minutes of the groups time. Any ideas or volunteers?

There are too many topics to cover properly below. We could time me speaking on each for 5 mins or less. This would fill half the meeting time. We could then discuss how to prioritise the rest of the meeting and the next meeting.  Infact we could take a consensus or vote on whether to delay drop or add to this list of stuff to address and expand on the time we choose to allocate to any topic (another 5, 10 mins and hour or more…).

:This is how the Pre-Silicon Valley Homebrew computer club operated.
– Which helped produced the Apple One with this approach.

Many of the topics on this list are already mentioned somewhere on this website (sometimes only in draft).
So our efforts could help in extending this website and open source project.

  1. What is …
    the safest,
    most altruistic,
    most idealistic way to research control and maintain an AI?
  2. We will be discussing what DARPA (the USA military funding arm) are planning. DARPA has published currently appears less ambition and less well worked out than our HEMSEYE project plans. I have only skip read their proposal so far. It should, however, be remembered that it might also be the case that what DARPA has released is currently more of a PR exercise rather than a detailed explanation of their real plans.
  3. How is self-awareness essential to understanding and consciousness?
    Is self awareness dangerous?
    What is intent?
    What about all the other human like abilities and intelligencies – Peter Voss post?
  4. What is the HEMSEYE project? (The very quick version)
    The hive minds eye or HEMSEYE comes form the words HivE Mind’S EYE:
    The HEMSEYE Cloud
    Known experience reporting
    Unusual experience reporting
    Cause and effect knowledgeWhat are HEMSEYE intelligent clients?
    Discrete event simulation (vs calculus & machine learning)
    Language understanding
    – a tiny linguistic acquisition bootstrap
    – simulation model designers.
    Time understanding.
    Explainable cause and effect and prediction understanding.

    • Playing a reverse of the TV show catch phrase.
    • Playing the TV show catch phrase.
      The DVS Event camera for light weight SLAM
      New semantic SLAM targets for a background SLAM service.
      Has computer vision research thrown away 3D data for too long?
      Is using Algebraic topology an opportunity for creating 3D high speed HEMSEYE lookup hash functions?
    • Using a universal language grammar boot strap
    • Learning and language or all words
  5. Why might the HEMSEYE project be better than what DARPA are planning?
  6. Could a HEMSEYE replace the world wide web?
  7. The IBM AI X-Prize – But We Would Need Funding
    I doubt it Will Happend
  8. Funding Update From The Cabinet Office
  9. Coast 2 Coast
  10. Local Chamber Of Commerce
  11. Academics and Induxtry Not Approached
  12. Using Social Media & The Internet
    You might also want to join / follow the social media groupsOur Facebook page / group twitter account:

A video a presentation slides of the first meeting can be found at:

: BUT ! This is quite long and detailed and a bit academic. If you want something a little easier going and quicker by try the shorter presentation I mentioned earlier:
You might want to catch up on with these links before the 11th if you are feeling highly motivated.

The Agenda / Things To Discuss For Meeting 2:

What are LAWS (Lethal Autonomous Weapons)
What could this be about? Perhaps a device to go to GPS coordinates and kill everyon.e as instructed by its programming without further human oversight.
This is a campaign to have these banned.

DARPA (The USA Military Arm Controlling AI research) are planning to spend billions on explainable AI.
Does that mean they want to make lethal autonomous weapon system ?
It is not clear.

Apparently Google have backed of working for the CIA on picture recognition after a number of employees protested and left the company. Picture recognition sounds innocent but when it is being done as part of a drone weapon system some people could become cautious over participating in this work.
Again allegedly (reported on the internet) it has been suggested that DARPA / the CIA hav enow called a conference for other AI companies hoping to fill the research role Google chose not to pursue (after pressure from their employees).

If this is true well done to the Google employees for resigning also go for google for backing down.
But Google was formed with a hippie friendly attitude to do no evil.
But when google was restructured the new mission statement of their new holding company was set to “Do the right thing” rather than “Do no evil”. How happy would the employees of Google be if they could control or vote on this. When it came to doing the right thing in helping the USA develop better drones some employees felt this was not the right thing.

Google like DARPA has a hierarchcal management structure. Is this a safe way to manage AI?

I am in no way suggesting that joining this group will make you any money as I am committed to trying to create a charity funded open source project. But if we work together perhaps we can help make AI happen and bring so benefits and jobs to Brighton and Sussex.
Are there enough generous or potentially naive and rich enough people willing to give money to a potentially at a pie in the sky idea (that might be world saving and really really good). If you are interested sign up to watch.

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