Make AI Happen Brighton Meetup – Launch Meeting

Make AI Happen Brighton – AI Interest Group Kick Off Meeting Wednesday 08/08/2018

Development Plans For Implementing AI/AGI

Barclays will provide food for this first meeting. At every meeting they will provide liquid refreshments, including free beer. The meetup will open at 18:00 with a start on the first talk at 18:15-18:30 (I have to travel from Southwater near Horsham).

– What Should We Do As A Group ?
– Who Are You?
– Why Are You Here ?

Development Plans For Implementing AI/AGI

Creating a means for a robot to become self-aware in order to acquire any human language using artificial consciousness (Is It Safe?).

Just The Presentation Slides – No Audio
A 5 Video Youtube Playlist Click this link for details.
Video One Is Below (intro missing)

Using a model of Weizbeica & Goddards 65 semantic primes and their semantic meta language / minimal language as bootstrap for Chomsky’s Language Acquisition Device (LAD) and Universal Grammar and Tomasello 2005, 2009 Social, tool, self and other awareness in an extensible discrete event simulation framework and virtual world simulation.
Modelling cause and effect and making predictions using Discrete Event Simulation (DES).
Using Semantic Prime context / model identification (like a Skinner Box) in a visual background service for a language acquisition and understanding bootstrap in a virtual real world real-time simulation.
Cloud shared learning from a real-time virtual world. The “HivE Mind’S EYE (the HEMSEYE or www mk2 ?).

What Next…
See the nexts posts including about our next meeting which should be live on youtube.

Some Fun / Chat / Networking – What Should We Do Next?

If We Had Time :
AI Safety / Ownership / Control / Governance / Acceptance / Society & Social Issues.
Raspberry PI projects ?

ROS – Robotic Operating System
A youtube channel.
The construct “ROS Ambassador Scheme” via the Robot Ignite Academy are allowing me access to free online training.
They also do paid for training.
We could have regular free online training available here.

DARPA – Some BRIEF COMMENTS On Their Plans For Making Explainable AI
The next generation of US military led AI research. See

IBM AI X-Prize
Competition application news.

A Review Of Peter Voss’s Medium Article On Advanced General Intelligence
Can we just aim at a subset of what  he suggests with a Human Like Intelligence  (HLI) implementation. I think we can do this by using and extending the operation of a discrete event simulation engine (see

Review The RSA Report On AI

The HEMSEYE Project Youtube Channel
I have a HEMSEYE project youtube channel which I will be able to brand with the HEMSEYE name once I get 100 subscribers. 

What next ???

More Q&A
Free ROS training sessions?
Next meetings ?
Academic involvement?
iCub humanoid robot open source project collaboration – I spoke to them last year about this…?
Panel discussions?

Project History Since: LIDA Artificial Consciousness and my 2013 PhD Project Proposal Accepted at Birmingham University

In creating and founding a research project effort it is important to to try to impress people who might be motivated to help or take an interest in a project. So here is some history to demonstrate this project’s longevity and development from an interest in artificial consciousness to modelling language understanding.

I think in about 2011 I read an article in New Scientist about “Global Work Space Theory” as a theory to explain consciousness. The article in question went on to describe the work being done at Memphis University on artificial cognition with the IDAand LIDA projects.

In 2013 I managed to get a PhD project proposal accepted at Birmingham University. My original project proposal is available here for download here: Download 2013 PhD Project Original Proposal Sent to Birmngham University.

I originally applied to Dr Bezard Bordbar as my supervisor after I had come across some of his work regarding the translation of free text into UML and OCL. The proposal I have made available for download is my original proposal to Dr Bordbar. I actually re-wrote this initial proposal into a PhD project application which included some input from Dr Bordbar and Dr Mark Lee who agreed to be a joint supervisor on the project with Dr Bordbar. In looking to do this PhD I was hoping to find an industrial partner who would fund me sufficiently so that I could maintain a commercial developer’s salary. This effort was not successful. In frustration I looked at raising funds via kickstarter to create my own research company. Dr Bordbar was reluctant for me to proceed on this basis I think mainly as having to raise funds and do a PhD would be too much to do all at once. We therefore paused or efforts at pursuing this project.

Since 2013 in making this PhD project application I have:

  • Continued to study Artificial Intelligence in my spare-time.
  • Created this website and blog to document the development of my research ideas.
  • Learned a great deal more about many topics periferal to what would be considered mainstream and accepted in the field of artificial intelligence research. I have attempted to do this as I am unlikely to be able to compete with full-time academics by following the mainstream.
  • Created two meetup groups to try to encourage local hobby interest in Artificial Intelligence
  • My original group was Haywards Heath based.