Looking at WebAnno (UIMA + Brat)

Well I took a look at U-Compare and found the display gave me an error when I loaded a large file.  I started looking at the code to solve the problem only to discover the source is only partially open.  I am not keen on reporting the error as if I did I would need to say what the file was. I do not want to encourage people onto my work area too soon.  So I understand the reasons for the non-open source but I am frustrated.

In looking around for a UIMA / Brat integration I have found the fully open source WebAnno project.  They have youtube tutorial videos on this product.  The server version installs on Debian a unix variant.  I am tempted to move to unix, I worked on unix years ago, but it is a lot of extra learning I do not need.  Then the question is whether to go for a dual boot on my laptop or to get another system.  I will try running on Windows first.